HealthJourney™ - Creating a Continuous Patient Journey

A platform that helps healthcare organizations to Hypothesize, Test, and Prove the efficacy of mobile care plans in order to Operationalize and Scale.

Are you really impacting patient and caregiver experiences?

With HealthJourney, you can safely test and refine new digital care pathways that help improve patient and caregiver experiences. Once proven, operationalize and scale with confidence.

Access ecological momentary assessments with Learn

  • Easily create complex surveys with dynamic visual survey builder.
  • Define Action Flows that trigger alerts and events based on responses to immediately identify issues.
  • Trigger alerts based on responses to immediately identify issues.

Increase profitability, attract higher acuity patients and prove better patient outcomes.

Enable a confidential communication channel with Communicate

  • Gather in-depth patient feedback and insight between visits.
  • Consistent bi-directional contact between patient and clinician.
  • Immediate sentiment analysis.

Understanding patient well-being between visits helps to increase in-patient appointment productivity.

Create a mobile, participatory care experience with My Care

  • Schedule tasks and activities to promote compliance to treatment protocols.
  • At-a-glance view of prescribed tasks and activities for patients.
  • Ability to monitor patient adherence to tasks and activities.

Customized treatment plans that can be tailored in real-time increases patient outcomes.

Provide fingertip access to emergency resources with Help Now

  • Pre-load documents, surveys and phone numbers providing patients with one-touch access to emergency resources and safety plans.
  • Patients have one-touch access to resources anytime.

Allow patients to have instant access, at their fingertips, to emergency resources when they need it most

Participants remain in your care and need you
even when they are on the go.
They want instant solutions.
Engage them with confidence with JourneyLabs.