CareerJourney™ - Creating a Continuous Employee Journey

A platform that helps organizations facilitate employee retention and satisfaction.

Protect recruiting spend and retain top talent by having the pulse of the employee for predictive insights and actions.

CareerJourney is a mobile, cloud-based employee retention solution that protects recruiting spend and aides in retaining top talent by capturing their pulse throughout their employment journey providing predictive insights and analytics.

Capture and respond to the pulse of your employees with Learn

  • Create and schedule surveys with a dynamic visual survey builder.
  • Identify trends in employee moods and respond in real-time by tailoring treatment protocols instantly.
  • Trigger alerts based on responses to immediately identify issues.


Identify changes in employee mood and act on them before its too late.

Enable a confidential communication channel with Communicate

  • Ask for assistance or provide feedback on management, peer or environmental issues.
  • Immediate sentiment analysis.



Provide a safe communication channel to provide real-time feedback of what is happening in the trenches.

Highlight key tasks to ensure continuous satisfaction with My Care

  • Schedule tasks to ensure employees are reminded of their tasks and complete them on time.
  • At-a-glance view of assigned tasks.



Helps facilitate employees not missing key deadlines such as expense reports, benefits selections or quarterly reviews.

Provide fingertip access to emergency resources with Help Now

  • Pre-load documents, surveys and phone numbers that allow employees to initiate HR escalation processes.
  • Employees have one-touch access to resources anytime.


Allow patients to have instant access, at their fingertips, to emergency resources when they need it most

It’s time to get engaged.
Communicate with your contacts, help them when they need it most.