Solutions for Healthcare

With the transition to value-based care, improving patient outcomes is imperative. Providing better care for individuals, improving population health management strategies and reducing overall healthcare costs are keys to success. Using custom journeys, doctors can keep patients on track to quicker recoveries by automating regular touch points in between face-to-face (or telehealth) visits and automating actions based on responses. By having the most important actions automatically escalated, they can ensure they are focusing on the patients that need the most immediate attention and minimize readmission costs.

Engage Your Patients

  • Create and schedule questionnaires with a dynamic visual questionnaire builder.
  • Identify trends in patient health and respond in real-time by tailoring treatment protocols instantly.
  • Trigger alerts based on responses to immediately identify issues.
  • Allow patients to ask for assistance or provide feedback as needed.
  • Schedule tasks to ensure patients are reminded of their tasks and are completing them on time.

Build Mobile Digital Care Pathways with Our Zero-Code Toolbox

Quickly capture and respond to critical patient conditions
Enable a confidential communication channel with your patients
Highlight key tasks and milestones to ensure continuous engagement
Allow instant access to resources,
documents and help features
Action Flows can make the most
daunting processes manageable

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