Our Platform Makes Your Processes Manageable

The JourneyLabs platform allows organizations to easily design and modify their participants’ digital journeys anywhere, anytime while retaining a longitudinal record and key data for analytics.

Our proprietary cloud and mobile platform optimizes enhanced information collection to enable responsive action, as well as long term relationship analytics.

Build Dynamic Journeys

Zero-Code graphical designer provides and easy-to-use interface that allows for construction of sophisticated surveys, with logic jumps and event-based triggers utilizing a Dynamic Decision Support (DDS) engine. Complex feedback loop pathing increases the system’s ability to respond contextually. Drag and drop logic branches to quickly edit and configure complex designs powered by an extensible Action Flow engine.

How We Automatically Engage Your Participants

Build Journeys with Our Zero-Code Toolbox

Utilize an interactive drag-and-drop graphical questionnaire designer
Messaging & Service Desk
Private and secure communication between participants and organizations
Tasks & Activities
Create and monitor custom events and activities for each participant
Data Sensor
A participant’s activities can trigger custom events and actions
Emergency Channels
Establish tailored emergency actions, contacts, and resources
Branching Interactions
Initiate logic jumps based on the participant’s responses
Event Driven
A participant’s responses can trigger custom events and actions
Conditional Workflows
No-code workflow engine triggers event-based actions
Predictive Analysis
Highlight behavior changes beyond defined thresholds

Engage Your Participants with Easy-to-Build Dynamic

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