Engage participants with confidence and increase outcome success with JourneyLabs.

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The JourneyLabs platform is a Software-as-a-Service solution based on Microsoft Azure. Any user Journey can be created and deployed easily from the web console. With the Web API integration layer, any 3rd party system can leverage the JourneyLabs platform to become an extension of an existing system and manage the “last mile” engagement with users.

Interactive Decision Trees
With drag-and-drop ease, interactive decision trees can be designed to deliver assessments, messages and resources.

Action Flow Engine
The automated Action Flow engine can trigger custom actions based on user responses.

Help Now Resources
Help Now provides emergency resources at the fingertips of users and bidirectional private chat allows instant communication when needed.

The JourneyLabs Platform
Provides solutions for healthcare, employment, academic and professional services or can be customized to fit any longitudinal relationship need.

We Engage Your Profession

Increase engagement rates and improve your chances of a successful outcome with JourneyLabs

Doctors    Patients

Maintain patient engagement between office visits to monitor well-being and increase in-patient appointment productivity.

Recruiter    New Hire

Onboarding journey keeps employees on track and identifies issues during their initial critical first months on the job.

Higher Education    Student

Place students on an educational journey that guides them through everything from the application process through graduation.

Therapist    Patient

Understand patient well-being between office visits and generate automatic actions when patient becomes at-risk.

Business    Customer

Develop long term engagements with customers and learn from their interactions how to better serve them and other customers.

Surgeon    Patient

Place patients on pre and post operation journeys to ensure they are in the best health before procedures resulting in better outcomes.

Dynamic Digital Canvas

Journeys can be constructed of a combination of interactions like questionnaires, human or machine chats, tasks, videos, documents, data from sensor devices and other vectors.  An integrated workflow system responds to and drives action around any interaction.

An Always-Available, Virtual Advocate

Instantly and automatically modify a participant’s journey to keep them on the path to the best outcomes.

Engage participants with confidence and increase outcome success with JourneyLabs.