About JourneyLabs


JourneyLabs, formerly ActoVoice, was originally founded by former Symantec and Veritas business and development executives in September 2015 to deliver a private customer engagement platform. In January 2017, a pivot strategy was formulated with the help of a private local investor with a Microsoft and McKesson background. The company took the platform in a new direction and in April of 2017, the company was renamed to JourneyLabs.

CEO Jason Fisher and his co-founders, Narayana Aroori and Mike Ivanov, developed a consumer journey management platform for longitudinal relationships after discovering that relationships suffered from major gaps in engagement. These gaps create lapses in the continuum of care, outreach, and opportunities for personalization. JourneyLabs was determined to build a Software-as-a-Service platform to solve these problems, operationalize these interactions, and improve participant outcomes in high-stakes relationships. The proprietary cloud and mobile platform optimizes enhanced information collection to enable responsive action, as well as long- term relationship analytics.

After one year, the team expanded to 9 US employees and a team of 15 in India. JourneyLabs made significant progress towards building initial solutions in the areas of healthcare, employer, and employee relationships. These journeys were designed to utilize six different interaction points between the participant and the group capturing the data based on the Journey Management Platform.

Moreover, one of the goals of the platform was the ability to operationalize, extend, and augment services businesses provide to their customers, patients, and clients plus the capacity to onboard tech savvy clients on the software within 30 minutes.

Applications include working with a major University to help at-risk and suicidal youth to orthopedic doctors using the platform to better manage the joint replacement process with their patients, and non-profit organizations using the platform to help veterans with the process of returning from active duty and re-acclimating into daily life.

Our Team

Jason Fisher

Chief Executive Officer
& Co-Founder

Narayana Aroori

Chief Technology Officer
& Co-Founder

Dikesh Chokshi

Chief Operating Officer

Mike Ivanov

Head of Solution Science
& Co-Founder

Dawn Jensen

Head of Customer Journey

Kim Fisher

Healthcare Program Manager

Linda Finley

Client Delivery Executive

Andrew Lotz

Solution Science

Bailey Waldorf

Product Science Intern

Alexis Brand

Solution Science Intern

Board of Directors

Jason Fisher
CEO, JourneyLabs

Deepak Mohan
Co-Founder, JourneyLabs, SVP of Products at Carbonite Inc.

John Cooper
Managing Director, Halestreet Investments

Linda Finley

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