journey [noun]: progress from one stage to another

Introducing JourneyLabs’ Consumer Journey Management Platform

Digitally automate your consumer’s journey with JourneyLabs’ Software-as-a-Service Platform.

Easily create and deliver interactive experiences combined with dynamic workflows to provide personalized digital content at scale.

With drag-and-drop ease, interactive decision trees can be designed to deliver assessments, messages and resources, and an automated Action Flow engine can trigger custom actions based on user responses. Private chat allows bidirectional communication and Help Now resources allow critical information to be always available at the fingertips of users. The JourneyLabs platform can power solutions for healthcare, employment, academic and professional services or can be customized to fit any longitudinal relationship need.

Dynamic Digital Canvas

Journeys can be constructed of a combination of interactions like questionnaires, human or machine chats, tasks, videos, documents, data from sensor devices and other vectors.  An integrated workflow system responds to and drives action around any interaction.

An Always-Available, Virtual Advocate

Instantly and automatically modify a participant’s journey to keep them on the path to the best outcomes.


Problem Case

Patient struggling with anxiety becomes a “frequent flyer” of the emergency room and attempts suicide.

Give patients instant access to emergency resources at their fingertips when they need it most.

Understand patient well-being between office visits to increase in-patient appointment productivity.


Problem Case

New hire quits after only 3 months on the job

Identify changes in employee mood so that you can act on these changes before it’s too late.

Highlight key tasks and activities and reminds the employee of crucial deadlines to ensure continuous satisfaction.


Problem Case

A promising student suddenly leaves school

Identify changes in engagement levels and sentiment so that you can act on these changes before it’s too late.

Provide students with instant access to educational resources when they need them most.


Professional Services
Problem Case

A longtime client abruptly leaves a professional services firm with no explanation

Highlight key tasks and activities to ensure continuous progress and milestone achievements.

Provide organizations with instant access to critical resources when they need it most.

Participants remain in your care and need you
even when they are on the go.
They want instant solutions.
Engage them with confidence with JourneyLabs.