We make real-time, insight-influenced engagement possible for any program, process or protocol.

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What is a customer Journey?

The actions, knowledge and pathways that guide customers toward an intended outcome.

Take your process, pathway or protocol…

Construct a no-code, drag-and-drop Journey using our Platform…

…Activate your Journey.

JourneyLabs solves complex business problems and creates connections.

Closing the gap within any customer Journey

The JouneyLabs platform is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution based on Microsoft Azure. We use augmented intelligence to help organizations drive, develop and deploy insight-influenced engagement.

Questionnaires, Guides & Interactive Decision Trees

With drag-and-drop ease, interactive decision trees can be designed to deliver conditional, event and time-based assessments, messages and resources.

Action Flow Engine

The automated no-code, drag-and-drop Action Flow engine can trigger custom actions, push and capture multi-media content, tasks and activities based on user responses.

Help Now Resources

Help Now provides ready-to-use and emergency resources with bi-directional private chat that allows instant communication and in-the-moment support through mobile, wearable and IoT devices.

The JourneyLabs Platform

Provides adaptive, responsive and customized solutions for healthcare, employment, academic and professional services to automatically and immediately deliver engagement in any longitudinal relationship.

Key barriers in the customer Journey

Gaps in Engagement – Lack of Personalization – Poor Responsiveness

Increase engagement rates and improve your chances of a successful outcome with JourneyLabs

Clinicians    Patients

Maintain patient engagement between office visits to monitor well-being and increase appointment productivity.

Recruiters   New Hires

Keep employees on track and identify issues in satisfaction or risk by lowering turnover during their first months on the job.

Educators     Students

Place students on a journey that engages and guides them through everything from the application process to graduation.

Organizations   Employees

Manage employee engagement, increase retention and productivity scaled across a number of programs and locations.

Consultants   Clients

Personalize customer experience over the entire journey while providing in-the-moment feedback.

Researcher    Subject

Guide clients through pathways of self-care, novel interventions and clinical trial delivery while driving actions based on real-time, responsive insight.

Anyone can deliver a responsive Journey

Instantly and automatically modify a customer’s journey to keep them on the path to the best outcomes.

Engage participants with confidence and increase outcome success with JourneyLabs.

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